Layars’ most popular “social augmented reality app.” Tweeps Around now available in the Android marketplace.

April 29, 2010

I just got word from Johannes la Poutre that he launched a wicked new app. a few days ago on the 27th of April. It is a direct launcher for Layars’ number one “social augmented reality app.” Tweeps Around. The launcher is an icon that you can place on the home screen of your mobile phone so you can access the Tweeps Around layer directly. I think this might be one of the next big thing that augmented reality developers will go after. So I asked Johannes what the next innovation in these so called “launchers” will be.

Johannes: “We’re experimenting with all sorts of ways to launch augmented reality layers directly: Basic launcher apps., Pro. launcher apps with sound and visuals (so called splash screens), direct links on mobile websites, buttons within existing android and iPhone apps.)”

Read part of his Blogpost here:

Using Tweeps Around a lot in Layar? Want to have a nice clean app icon or shortcut to place on your Android’s home screen?

Now you can: today the TweepsAround launch app has been released in the Android market.

TweepsAround Launcher is a real Android application, so you can place it anywhere on you Android phone. When activated, it opens Layar with the TweepsAround layer in Reality View, no more browsing in the catalog.

The app also checks if you have Layar installed. When not, you get a button which takes you directly to Layar in the Android Market where you can download it for free.

Future talk

We expect lots of developers that will pic up on this new innovative way of promoting an easy search for Layars.

If you are a developer or you own a Layar and you also want a launcher you should contact @jlapoutre he will help you further.

Want to give it a spin?

The QR code above links to the app in the Android store, ready to install. Or you could search for “tweepsaround”.

Of course all feedback, hints and tips are welcome!


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