AR Business card (via James Alliban)

June 16, 2010

Just wanted to share this with you.

I read the blog post of James Alliban and he wrote the folowing: Inspired by this guy, I just got a fresh batch of business cards from moo.com. There’s not really enough space on a business card to explain yourself in any detail so I thought I’d extend it using augmented reality. I recorded a short video bio and created a 3D grid of coloured planes. These planes are updated with the colours from the video and extruded depending on the level of brightness.


This is now online for all to enjoy. First print out this (or open it on you’re phone). Then go here to play with it.

***EDIT 2***

Mac users with iSight camera who are experiencing a black screen might be able to get around this by Following these steps:

Right click on the app and select settings. Then click on the camera tab. There should be a drop-down menu. Select USB Camera.

Failing that apparantly it won’t work if you have any other apps that use the iSight open at the same time, so close PhotoBooth, Quicktime etc.

Thanks to JereDog and Bish for these workarounds.

***EDIT 3***

I’m using the following AS3 libraries in this project



Papervision The new version now uses the FP10 native 3D capabilities


***EDIT 4***

I’ve temporarily had to take the application down as I’ve had a huge amount of traffic which will undoubtedly cost a horrendous amount of money. Check back next week when things have calmed down a bit.

***EDIT 5***

OK the application is back up now. Big thanks to my agency Skive who are hosting it until the madness subsides.

***EDIT 6***

I’ve made quite a few changes to the applciation recently. The main change is that it no longer uses Papervision but is now run using the new Flash Player 10 3D capabilities. This has sped things up slightly. The app is now built using the PureMVC framework. There are also many optimisations and tweaks to make the app behave faster and better. If you click the link above it will now open the new version.

via James Alliban


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