Orange dress babes back in South Africa!

June 19, 2010

As we all know the orange dress babes from beer brand Bavaria were escorted out of the stadium and even arrested several times in South Africa. The beer brand then decided that it was enough and told the promotion babes to get on a plane and come back home.

The Dutch fans of the Orange dress babes were NOT amused by this. So augmented reality agency TAB Worldmedia and Skreenz decided to team-up and put the Orange dress babe back on the centrepoint in the Moses Mabhida Stadium in South Africa and the in the Amsterdam Arena. Fans of the Orange dress babes see her by using their Layar augmented reality browser and look under the Local tab.

Or use this mobile Layar link http://layar.com/open/orangedress

Link to the English pressrelease: http://www.skreenz.nl/?page_id=162

Link to the Dutch pressrelease: http://www.skreenz.nl/?page_id=141

Link to NuJIJ article


The creators of the application want to stimulate the freedom of beautiful girls in orange dresses. Neither party has a relationship with Bavaria or is related to persons or organizations which have relationships with Bavaria.


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