Worldcup 2018, FIFA rules and AR

June 19, 2010

The whole Dutch Dress incident with the Orange dressed-up ladies keeps the media busy, as today the major Dutch newspaper opens with an article on the FIFA rules and how The Netherlands will facilitate them if the championship is to be held in this country [Dutch]: Nederland is voor het WK bereid veel te geven.

The gist is that there will be an advertising free zone of 2 kms around the stadiums, where only the main sponsor will be allowed to advertise, and that the Dutch police will assist in maintaining these rules.

It is ironic that this – pretty detailed – policy is communicated today, just when the Orange Dress prank was taken to virtual Augmented Reality space in the Durban stadium.

It is hard to envision if and how this space will be regulated, something which digital artist Sander Veenhof visualized a month ago with the following photo composition: AR free zone, with the underlying question: who owns virtual space?

One thing is sure: there will change a lot between today and 2018 and it is very likely that mobile, location based advertising concepts will form a substantial fraction of the communication strategy of most brands.

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