Shocking statements by so called industry leaders on mobile Augmented Reality.

June 21, 2010

Just got hold of a new digital bulletin on augmented reality with some really shocking quotes from CEO’s, strategy directors of international companies that think AR is a fad. I was just amazed to hear the managing partner digital of Leo Brunett say things like “..it is a great platform for information, other then that I personally am not pushing it and think its a bit of a crock.” Tim O’Neill, MD of Reactive thinks it will run out of steam. Simon Baker, CEO of classified Ad ventures thinks its gimmicky and not something that you would use everyday.

Luckily Wendy Hogan, VP and MD of CBS interactive can’t see how it’s a Fad and Joe Talcott, Group director of marketing – News Limited states “It will be big, it will be commercial and it will be profitable.” And hurray for Peter Williams – CEO Delloite Digital and David Burden – Group CEO Webfirm Group, for their final words in the bulletin by saying it has potential because they see commercial possibilities.

Future talk

Offcourse these are all primary responses to what most mobile AR apps. currently offer. They are stand alone apps with limited imaginative experience and informational content. Time for “Welcome to the Future” to add some vision to this story. Did you for example know that augmented reality browsing is the new form of browsing for the near future? I will explain why: A.R. browsing will not just be available on a stand alone AR browser designed for just one piece of information or gimmic but integrated in the way you use your phone for browsing.

Lets say you are browsing the web on your phone and you want to get extra relevant context from the world around you. It’s very easy to then just hold up your phone in front of you and just browse the surroundings. When you are finished you hold down your phone to it’s normal browsing mode and you are web-browsing in normal view again. If I tell you that… do you still think it’s a gimmic? I know for a fact that Google and Layar don’t think it is…

Example: CNN News

An example of augmented reality browsing integrated with normal mobile webbrowser. Let’s make it a bit more concrete: You are browsing the CNN website or any local news site on your mobile phone. You come across an article about a vulcano eruption and you wonder how it effects you? You then click on a “a.r. view” button or just hold up your phone and you can actually see in augmented reality how far away the ash cloud is and where it’s going. You then click on the social button and you can see what people are twittering about it around you.

Example: Ferrari Formula 1 event

An example of augmented reality browsing integrated in an app… you are at an event; ‘a concert, NBA game or the formula 1 race track’ it doesn’t matter. You are enjoying the festivities and all of a sudden the presenter announces that for example the new Ferrari Formula 1 race car will be presented at the starting position. Obviously you can’t come close to view the awesome new car… or can you?  What if Ferrari invites everyone at the track to turn on their AR browser because they have placed life-size 3D models of the car in Augmented Reality in the crowd. You could then walk around them, see all specs. play around with in film, sound etc. and even share the 3D model with your friends by parking it in front of their home in augmented reality. They then get an email with a direct link and they can go outside and see for themselves.

Obviously I can go on and on with more examples about how we are going to use augmented reality browsing in all sorts of forms and devises but my point is. Don’t write something off because you don’t see the possibilities yet! Be open for it because the examples that I just gave are NOT future talk. You can actually already make concepts like this, in fact… we are or already have produced concepts like this.

Anyway… have a look at the Digital bulletin.

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