Welcome to the fantastic world of Mobypicture’s augmented reality!

July 5, 2010

People all around the world share their adventures using Mobypicture to all their social networks. From their mobile phone they easily upload photos, video and audio to their friends on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, their blog and numerous other social sites and services.

The Moby Layer lets you explore the latest picture and video postings of other Moby users nearest to you. You can view the content through the mobile phones’ camera in Augmented Reality, or on a map and there is a List view. Clicking the content gives you more info (comments etc.) and options; the routing how to get to the spot where the picture was taken and a link to the content on the Mobypicture website, where the user can get more info and leave a comment themselves.

How can businesses benefit from these possibilities?
The Layer was developed by TAB Worldmedia using the Mobypicture API. TAB Worldmedia and Mobypicture commercially offer branded versions of the layar to events and companies, enabling them to filter the content down to specific topics and locations. The Layer proposition is a powerful solution to engage visitors of events and exploration of brand related content, bringing realtime experiences to like minded people instantly. This branded Mobypicture Layer is part of the MobyNow solution, the social media content aggregation platform Mobypicture recently launched as a managed service helping publishers and brands to regain control of the social media conversation.

(see RaboNow below)

Screen shot 2010 07 05 at 9.36.25 AM Explore content around you in augmented reality with the Mobypicture Layer
Mathys van Abbe, founder of Mobypicture, adds: “To see in realtime what your friends are experiencing at a festival or during a sports game in the near vicinity is of course way more powerful than reading it on Twitter.”

Remco Vroom of TAB Worldmedia, the company behind the most successful Layer so far, TweepsAround: “With this Moby Layar we enable social media through augmented reality. We think it is the best social Layer so far.”

Claire Boonstra of Layar adds: “I love it when two great concepts come together to create one even more amazing experience. This Moby Layar helps to get a better understanding of your context, plus a richer immersive experience. Two aspects which make Augmented Reality succesful and attractive”

Press release (http://pressdoc.com/p/0003hl)


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