Follow the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality.

July 10, 2010

10201 screen shot 2010 07 08 at 3 56 57 pm original view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality

We introduced the Moby augmented reality Layar a couple of days ago and now we already have the first commercial brand working with the new concept. And what a brand it is… Rabosport! The Branded Rabosport Now Layar lets you explore the content around you in augmented  reality. Showing you the latest photo and video Mobypicture postings and Twitter updates of the Rabosport Cycling teams and those of the Press and all Fans, nearest to you. The Layer shows all the location tagged content of the realtime platform Rabosport Now, developed by Mobypicture.

Fans can post content to the Layer by adding #raboploeg to their regular Mobypicture and Twitter postings using any of the over 750 different Mobypicture enabled applications and services.

Users can view  the content on the Map, through the mobile phone’s camera in Augmented  Reality view and there is a List view.

10161 screen shot 2010 07 08 at 3 53 17 pm original view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality10151 screen shot 2010 07 08 at 3 53 38 pm original view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality

Clicking the content gives you  more info (title, comments etc.) and options; the routing how to get to  the spot where the content was recorded and a link to the content on the  Mobypicture website, where the user can get more info and leave a  comment or like.

10191 foto 2 png original view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality10181 foto 3 png original view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality

How can businesses benefit from these  possibilities?

The branded Mobypicture Layer is developed by TAB Worldmedia  using the Mobypicture API. Mobypicture commercially  offers branded versions of the layar to companies, enabling  them to filter the content to specific topics and locations. The branded Layer is a powerful tool to engage visitors of events  and exploration of brand related content, bringing realtime experiences  to like minded people instantly. This branded Mobypicture Layer is part  of the MobyNow solution, the  social media content aggregation platform  Mobypicture recently launched  as a managed service helping publishers  and brands to regain control of  the social media conversation.

Afbeelding 20 view real content of the Rabo cyclists in the Tour De France in augmented reality

Mathys  van Abbe, founder of Mobypicture, comments: “The branded Mobypicture Layer solution enables brands to become part of user experiences in realtime. It’s contextual, value added and non intrustive.”

He adds, “Rabosport, really tries to leverage the technology and possibilities, understanding that people come in different sizes and shapes and content is consumed in different ways as well. The Realtime content of the RaboNow platform can be viewed on the dedicated website, the freshly released iPad client and now also in augmented reality.”

Remco Vroom, TAB Worldmedia: “We think it is great that Rabobank wants to give an extra dimension to the Mobynow platform with this augmented reality view. It really adds a great experience to the Tour locations for the fans.”

About Mobypicture
Mobypicture helps users share adventures in real time with friends. In one simple action, all social Web sites are updated with text, audio, photos or video files. Mobypicture helps companies regain control of the realtime online conversation with the recently launched product, MobyNow. Clients use Mobypicture to send mobile digital content which is aggregated, enriched and distributed using APIs of all important social sites and services. Mobypicture works for international brands like T-Mobile, MTV networks, Rabobank. Over 750 third party developers use the open Mobypicture API to incorporate social sharing to their websites and applications. Mobypicture is a Red Herring Winner, Runner-up for the 2009 Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition and Webby Award Honoree. Mathys van Abbe, the founder, was awarded the Online Media Man of the Year 2009.

About TAB Worldmedia
TAB Worldmedia creates augmented reality experiences for International brands.  With popular augmented reality layers like “TweepsAround, Foursquare and Panoramio” and commercial brands like “Walt Disney, Berliz and National Geographic” in their portfolio, they are among the top full-service mobile augmented reality agencies in the world.

About Layar
Layar is the world’s largest Augmented Reality platform with over 1000 layers published. Layar is available on Android and iPhone and comes pre-installed on 1 out of 3 new AR capable smartphones sold worldwide, providing millions of people with a better understanding of their context and rich immersive experiences.

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