Video premier: Samsung Galaxy TAB field demo AW reader + TweepsAround on Layar

September 1, 2010

As you know we are ecstatic about the new ultimate Samsung Galaxy TAB that we wrote a piece about it a week ago. And now we got the worldpremier with this video of the Samsung Galaxy TAB in the wild! We managed to get our hands on the developers edition of the SG-TAB and it works fantastic. It’s like a huge Samsung Galaxy phone! Running Android 2.2 so we tested the TAB to see if our dreams would come through… and they did!

Ok… enough bla bla… have a look at the vid!

PS: We made this vid also for our friends at Android World, testing their amazingly cool Android Reader!

Extra test with Tweeps Around 3D on Layar:

Update: there’s an official ad now surfacing on Youtube.


  1. Zo daar kan je je kamer mee verlichten!
    Wil hem ook vast houden! NU!

  2. Great work, congrats from the Layarnews team!

  3. Flink kleiner dan de iPad hè?
    Al mooie apps ervoor? En wat doetie voor AR?
    En sport?

  4. Ay caramba! Doen jullie goed jongens 🙂 Nog eentje over toevallig?

    • @Jens hehe was het maar zo!

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