Augmented Reality Designpark 3D

September 4, 2010

Spectacular – The Heist – 3d Artsit: Martin Sen

Spectacular – The Heist – 3d Artsit: Martin Sen

TAB Worldmedia will turn the worlds’ major parks into Layar eye-candy. And with a good reason… we will offer anyone who is interested in augmented reality a layer experience that they will remember. The Designer-park 3D layar will primarily be a portfolio layer for artists that want to showcase their models to the Layar development community.

But it doesn’t stop there because “regular visitors” can feast their eyes on – and play around with – the fantastic models that the artist have to offer.

So you think you can model?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your 3D modeling skills. Submit your work and we will place it in our “Designer Park 3D” layer, where anyone can see your work in the environment where it matters: Layar itself! People will be able to go outside and view your work in its “native” environment or bring the models to them if they’d rather stay
put. They can even “take” the models and position a copy at their front door to show their friends and colleagues.

Interested parties can tag favorites and contact you when they like your work. This is your chance to cooperate with one of the leading Layar agencies and show of your skills in the newest, top of the line Layar 4.0 browser.

So get going and submit your portfolio to info [at] TABworldmedia.com

Or use the submission form. Click here.

Augmented Reality 3D Modeling Guides

3D modeling guides en instructions for Layar http://layar.pbworks.com/Creating-the-3D-objects
Also have a look at the Augmented Reality Flashmob that we did a couple of months ago.

AR Flashmob

AR Flashmob

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