Artist ‘Jan Rothuizen’ augments his art in a permanent exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

November 18, 2010

Today Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents an Augmented Art Exhibition by Jan Rothuizen. You might know Jan from his fantastic arworks or his famous TEDtalk in Rotterdam. Jan Rothuizen literally “walks through the World’s cities”, absorbing all of the information that the city is rubbing off on him. He describes and visualizes his walks in a unique way.

The Dutch artist who’s artworks must be amazingly inspirational to Augmented Reality fans have now been visualized in AR for the first time. We, TAB Worldmedia, were given the opportunity by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, to work closely with Jan over the past few weeks to make sure that his artistic approach of is projected to augmented reality perfectly.

Especially for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam he spend a night, all alone, in the museum. Everything that he experienced during that night and the days before and after, Jan has visualized in artpieces that we were fortunate enough to “translate” to augmented reality. Actually it wasn’t such a hard job because Jans’ work IS augmented reality. Only it was a jewel waiting to be published in Augmented Reality…

The Project with Jan Rothuizen is part of the Stedelijk Museum Amstedam ARtours. With ARtours Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is investigating the possibilities with augmented reality in relation to art.

A couple of screenshots of the work.


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