Intel Labs shows how Kinect will boost augmented reality

November 27, 2010

We are among the lucky few who get lots of sneak peeks from cool tech leaders like Intel Labs. Unfortunately most of the time we are under strict NDA so we can’t share the future developments with our readers. But since there are lots of Kinect videos popping up all over the web we can finally speak freely and share some cool stuff with you.

For those that don’t know what’s going on with Microsoft Xbox Kinect… there is a true hype going on with underground hackers and tech labs like Intel Labs and Metaio that are tapping into this new technology and finding back doors to make it work in ways that will force a breakthrough for Augmented Reality to the mass.

Got your attention?

Also check out this vid. from our friends in the lab over at Metaio


One comment

  1. Well before the Kinect craze, YDreams made this augmented-reality depth-sensing camera demo: http://vimeo.com/11160661

    It’s using a Canesta camera (now acquired by Microsoft) but it works with any depth-sensing camera.

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