Layar shows us augmented reality 2015 at the World Economic Forum.

January 26, 2011

Today Claire Boonstra (@Claireboo) cofounder of Layar was invited at the World Economic Forum. In a swift presentation she showed the Worlds’ leaders the impact of augmented reality on our lives in 2015. And yes… we we’re fortunate enough that the presentation was filmed and shared on You Tube.

The presentation starts out with Layar’s clear vision of everyday examples. Claire starts: “It’s 2015, You wake up in the morning, it’s a beautiful day in the Spring, you put on you’re augmented reality glasses and you walk outside…” Immediately the first future vision example is shown….tears of joy came to our eyes… she’s showing an example based on our MIMAQ project where we measure the NOx and CO levels with mobile sensors.

That is a mind blowing confirmation that we are definitely on the right track. Have a look at the rest of the presentation video below and let us know what you think.





Appeal to members of the WEF

We like to conclude with an appeal to all members of the World Economic Forum: stimulate local participation and make your efforts visible with Augmented Reality! Please contact us to learn more about the MIMAQ project and possibilities to visualize and monitor climate change and local pollution in real time.

Contact information: <info@mimaq.org>  or  <info@tabworldmedia.com>




One comment

  1. For Dutch readers: there is now a blog post on the MIMAQ site as well.

    See http://mimaq.org/2011/01/mimaq-op-het-world-economic-forum/

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