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TAB Worldmedia’s “Tweeps Around” gets a full story in the Huffington Post

May 19, 2011

Today we were pleasantly surprised by a fantastic full blown coverage of our “Tweeps Around” Augmented Reality channel in the Huffington Post.  The fantastic thing about this is that we didn’t even contact them about a press story but they spotted it themselves. What is even greater is that if you read the story you will find that they’ve done thorough research.

We just want to say… thanks Huffington Post for this great article!

Tweeps Around Puts Tweets On The World Around You

Twitter already lets you tag tweets with location, but what if you took a step further? Tweeps Around lets you see the tweets from users nearest to you and what they’re saying, adding a layer of micromessaged instant connectivity to your next walk around the block.

What it is: Tweeps Around lets you see tweets in your general proximity through an augmented reality layer that puts realtime information directly on top of the world around you, as seen through your phone’s camera.

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LG Optimus line gets 3D Augmented Reality pre-installed by Wikitude.

May 10, 2011

In the AR Titans battle between Layar, Junaio and Wikitude of becoming the peoples’ favourite mobile AR browser, Wikitude is definitely putting up a really good fight by conquering yet another envious pre-installation deal!

After the stunning announcement that Wikitude will be pre-installed on the new BlackBerry line, the’ve just dropped the news that they will be the Worlds’ first AR browser on to be pre-installed on the LG Optimus 3D! The news from the Mobilizy team keeps getting better and better. It seems that their marketing strategy is winning territory by coming up with these incredible pre-installations on cutting edge phones!

As Augmented Reality content providers, we at TAB Worldmedia are very happy with this incredible news! Creating demand in this fast growing marketing age is something that is not easy. By serving the Wikitude augmented reality browser on the Optimus 3D line, LG is definitely made a great contribution.

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BlackBerry gets Augmented Reality pre-installed by Wikitude

May 9, 2011

Finally, what almost every marketeer has been waiting for, is going to happen. BlackBerry is going to get Augmented Reality features on their phones and Wikitude is their partner in crime to get the pre-installation agreement on millions of BlackBerry devices.

Last week we were in the USA to work in Washington & New York and scope the market for business development. I got a Tweet from Andy Gstoll, co-founder of Wikitude, who joked around and said “oh, you’re in the US come on over to Orlando”. Completely absorbed and focussed on our goal for the business trip I asked him: “what’s up in Orlando?”. His casual answer: “oh some big event.”

It was only the day before our meeting with one of our contacts from RIM HQ about Augmented Reality content and to play around with the BlackBerry Playbook, that the press-release of this major news dropped and it hit me… Of course!!!!  The BlackBerry World convergence was in Orlando!!! haha

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