BlackBerry gets Augmented Reality pre-installed by Wikitude

May 9, 2011

Finally, what almost every marketeer has been waiting for, is going to happen. BlackBerry is going to get Augmented Reality features on their phones and Wikitude is their partner in crime to get the pre-installation agreement on millions of BlackBerry devices.

Last week we were in the USA to work in Washington & New York and scope the market for business development. I got a Tweet from Andy Gstoll, co-founder of Wikitude, who joked around and said “oh, you’re in the US come on over to Orlando”. Completely absorbed and focussed on our goal for the business trip I asked him: “what’s up in Orlando?”. His casual answer: “oh some big event.”

It was only the day before our meeting with one of our contacts from RIM HQ about Augmented Reality content and to play around with the BlackBerry Playbook, that the press-release of this major news dropped and it hit me… Of course!!!!  The BlackBerry World convergence was in Orlando!!! haha

It was already not a big secret that BlackBerry was enabling their devices with Augmented Reality since their Acquisition of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe). Never the less, to me the news that Wikitude was getting pre-installed on the RIM platform was a well kept secret. I think this is fantastic news for the Wikitude team so I really want to congratulate everyone over at Mobilizy. I believe it is a serious leap forward on all fronts, for Wikitude, for BlackBerry and in my opinion even more so for the Augmented Reality industry. I am curious to see which and when other Augmented Reality applications will follow in their footsteps and drop their AR app in the BlackBerry World Store…. Layar, Junaio, Acrossair, Mobilistar, Goldrun who’s next?

BlackBerry services a major audience on a business level and an untouchable marketing group… the youngsters. And that is what excites me the most… This could very well mean yet another investment boost in requests for mobile augmented reality projects.

My prediction is that even before the launch of the new BlackBerry devices marketeers will start to contact mobile augmented reality agencies like TAB Worldmedia to inquire about the massive potential for their brands. In fact, without dropping brand names, they already are… ;D

For more information about mobile augmented reality services on BlackBerry

Contact TAB Worldmedia (Affiliate partner of BlackBerry RIM)

Remco Vroom

Augmented Reality Director & CEO of TAB Wordmedia

(video by: Crackberry.com)

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