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Augmented Reality helps divers find and analize the Worlds best spots.

July 7, 2011

In our quest in exploring how mobile augmented reality in its current state can contribute to our lifes we’ve created and produced many concepts. From commercial retail ecosystems in AR, to connecting outdoor media to AR GPS & image recognition campaigns to augmented games and even fairytales. The past years we’ve learned a lot but we haven’t even really started yet…

As a dive fanatic, one of my dreams is to use mobile augmented reality for my sport. In the eyes of critics it might not be the most sexy 3D whooptydoo experience but I believe many divers will be very exited to get a glimpse of what’s below the sea level. If you’re a bit familiar with diving you know that almost every dive site in the World is documented in maps. And many statistics like wind- and current conditions can be taken realtime from online databases. Also the dive community is very well known for the millions of breathtaking pictures and film-clips that we all take during our underwater journey’s. Most of them are even tagged with geographical locations these days. Who knows… maybe in the future we can even integrate the visualization of GPS tagged sharks? That might come in handy when you want to spot one in the wild.


We usually don’t share our concepts before we’ve fully executed them but in this case we want your feedback on how we can make this the absolute best mobile application for us divers. Participate by sharing your ideas below or via email ( of what we need to integrate in this app and follow the process of how we are building it.

FYI: the background picture is from my recent diving trip in Egypt.