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Junaio welcomes us to the future with their Augmented City Experience…

August 11, 2011

The mobile augmented reality industry is taking huge steps forward at the moment and our tech partner Metaio is showing what they are already capable off with future hardware! CTO Peter Meier shows their vision of how mobile augmented reality combined with the new hardware that is being developed will enable us as AR content creators to make super rich mobile AR experiences in the near future.

All I can say is that we can’t wait for the insideAR conference to take place in September and like last year… TAB Worldmedia will be there! We’ll be taking a seat in one of the public panel discussions, be active on the expo floor and participate on the second day which is exclusively for Metaio partners.

Watch the demo of the augmented city here:

Metaio presents: “The Augmented City”. Experience how the vision of AR turns into a roadmap. At insideAR 2011, Sept. 26th/27th, Munich, Germany. More information:¬†


Augmented Reality Volkswagen Cabrio hits the showrooms

August 9, 2011

This movie clip was just published by Volkswagen France on Youtube and we think its magnificent!

Have a look at it and we’ll report more on this case as soon as we find out.


Lego Ninjago Augmented Reality holobox

August 6, 2011

Last week I was in a toy store with my son and he brought this fantastic Lego Ninjago augmented reality holobox to my attention. This is exactly the type of Augmented Media that we also had in our workshops at the Augmented Media Experience Centre in the beginning of this year. (ref: It is fantastic to find this kind of media now being used by Lego. Of course Lego is one of the pioneering brands that is actually using augmented media to drive sales and impulse buying in retail stores. They started out experimenting with this a few years back with our tech. partner Metaio. The fact that they are further incorporating AR in their point of sale strategy suggests that it must be successful.

Also view: Lego box by Metaio

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Breaking: Layar Vision recognises real world objects and displays AR objects on top

August 2, 2011

Finally the word is out… as you may expect from us we we’re already informed about this at an earlier stage but today the word is out! Layar introduces a new feature to it’s AR functionalities that will make the product even more complete. Also this morning¬†@kingyiu from Layar dropped by the TAB Worldmedia office to discuss the first projects that we’re already have in production that make use of this new feature. In our opinion this is a great time for Layar to come out with this feature as the highly competitive mobile AR market is rapidly evolving and clients are expecting more integrated experiences.

Have a look at this promo film from Layar.

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