Breaking: Layar Vision recognises real world objects and displays AR objects on top

August 2, 2011

Finally the word is out… as you may expect from us we we’re already informed about this at an earlier stage but today the word is out! Layar introduces a new feature to it’s AR functionalities that will make the product even more complete. Also this morning @kingyiu from Layar dropped by the TAB Worldmedia office to discuss the first projects that we’re already have in production that make use of this new feature. In our opinion this is a great time for Layar to come out with this feature as the highly competitive mobile AR market is rapidly evolving and clients are expecting more integrated experiences.

Have a look at this promo film from Layar.

(actor: @groenhart)

Quote from Tech Crunch: ”

Thus today Layar, the largest of the mobile augmented reality platforms, is launching Layar Vision. As implied, Layar will now be able to recognize real world objects and show digital content on top of them. It works particularly well with posters, magazines and newspapers.

The Layar platform is already used by over 10,000 developers worldwide on 10 million mobile devices. This extension of the platform wil be of particular interest to brands and publishers wanting new ways to engage with customers. Right now it can instantaneously detect up to 50 objects and combine them with location-based layers.

As Layar co-founder and General Manager Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, puts it: “Mobile devices can finally ‘see’”.


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