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Aurasma shows us their next moves on stage at DEMO

September 18, 2011

Matt Mills and his lovely colleague Lauren (I hope I got that right) gave a fantastic presentation of Aurasma’s capabilities on stage at DEMO. At TAB Worldmedia we’ve been exploring and testing their publishing environment to see how it’s compatible to AR our publishing platform. We got very curious to see how far we can stretch the creative capabilities to fit our creative concepts.

Aurasma offers a fantastic range of standard capabilities for brands to easily start exploring the potential of the platform. For those of you who know us… we always aim to see how we can create more unique content experiences than the standard capabilities offer. After a couple of weeks  of concept programming, for a client of ours, we were very impressed with the backend of Aurasma and what is allows us to do creatively and commercially.

Check out this little test that we did in our local zoo Artis.


How to use mobile augmented reality on Layar

September 16, 2011

If you’re new to mobile augmented reality and you turn on your new AR app. for the first time you might be a little bit overwhelmed by all of the mind blowing possibilities and features. To help you find your way Layar produced this super clear HOW TO video for their AR browser app.

Check out the video and if you’re exited to give it a try… just take out your Android- or iPhone and go to the website. You will be guided to the app-store suitable for your phone.

Of course we’re very  proud that Layar chose to use our Instagram channel for this demonstration.


“WRLD” What if you could build your own World?

September 13, 2011

Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes of your time to watch this fantastic short film. Just imagine what you could do when augmented reality matures and is integrated into your eyewear (glasses, sunglasses, lenses, head mounted display… what evahhhh!).

This incredible short film was created by Bruce Branit of



The future of mobile augmented reality gaming

September 4, 2011

I’m so sorry for posting this uber nerdy video but there is some kind of truth buried in the vision they have. Projective augmented reality may just play a more significant role than most marketing and trend futurists currently predict. Everyone is so focussed on future mobile devices combined with AR enabled goggles that projective augmented reality is a bit left out.

Check out the vid: