Dutch EFFIE Awards 2011 goes mobile.

October 12, 2011

TAB Worldmedia sponsored the Dutch EFFIE Awards 2011 this year with a mobile web app and mobile augmented reality experience using AURASMA. The event is taking place on October 12th, that is today, in Amsterdam. Everyone who’s interested can already swipe through the 43 cases build by the best Dutch brands that are nominated for the EFFIE Awards. For those who are at the event we enabled 43 outdoor posters with an augmented reality experience using AURASMA’s technology.

Have a look to see what we’ve cooked up… surf with your Android or iPhone to http://m.effie.nl

For now… I’m off to the Award ceremony… I’ll keep you posted via Twitter: @TABworldmedia and @remcovrOOm

UPDATE  H23:43

Hey… I’m back from the Award ceremony and it was fantastic! We received a lot of compliments from the guests about the web app. It was kind of hard for most to use the AR app because the 3G networks were very slow the whole day. There was some heavy weather with lots of clouds and rain which seemed to be interfering with the mobile network speed. That’s a shame but also a good learning point. During the time it was dry I took the opportunity to show off our AR production to a group of marketeers and advertising pro’s.














UPDATE  October 15th

So Cool! The Dutch magazine for Advertising pro’s Adformatie has promoted our AR feature in their mag.


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  1. […] you might remember we used Aurasma to create an augmented reality experience for the Dutch Effie awards 2011 where we augmented 43 of the best Dutch marketing cases right here in Amsterdam on the […]

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