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When will mobile augmented reality will be available on mobile browsers like Safari, Opra and Firefox?

November 25, 2011

Mobile augmented reality as a strategic tool / functionality is in the uprise for marketing purposes. The mobile safari browser has already semi publicly demonstrated some key features being integrated and mobile Firefox by Mozilla has announced that they are aiming for an ultimate browser takeover of the operating system.

Logically it seems that it should be only a short time from now that we should expect that some kind of AR plugin is allowed to be integrated into the mobile browsers. Or the AR functionality including location and image recognition should be integrated into mobile browsers all together.

From the other side mobile AR apps like Junaio, Wikitude, Layar and Aurasma already offer the possibility to integrate standard browser functionality’s (and yes even HTML5) on top of their techniques.

So my question is:

When do you think mobile augmented reality will be available on mobile browsers like Safari, Opra and Firefox?

I’ve posted this question on Quora so feel free to respond there or here…



Mickey Mouse brings magic to Times Square with augmented reality

November 21, 2011

A fantastic “Augmented Media” promotion for the Walt Disney store on Times Square was launched this weekend. Standing in front of the Disney store people are treated to an augmented meet and greet dance with their favorite Disney character.

A funny detail is that Disney put up their augmented reality screen right next to the epic “Forever 21” augmented reality screen.

And because I don’t want to share just the well directed commercial… check out this vid.

The display is also serving to kickstart Disney’s second “Let the Memories Begin” campaign.

That effort includes crowdsourced home videos and photos of real families visits to the Disney Parks. Visitors to the Times Square installation will be emailed photos from the experience that can be shared across social platforms.

Disney is using the hashtag #DisneyMemories to track experiences at Times Square and throughout the campaign.

Source:  Mashable


International Brands lining up for Mobile Augmented Reality

November 16, 2011

This is so cool… more International brands are lining up to get their own mobile augmented reality experience out there! Starbucks just launched their Cup Magic Christmas app which augments a holiday season collection game for iPhone. And of course I don’t have a US account on my iTunes… So you all have no idea how much I want to jump on a plane to the US to see this work for real.

The good thing is that brands and advertising agencies are finding their way to TAB Worldmedia for inquiries to get their own mobile augmented reality experience and high profile projects like the Volkswagen Beetle Juiced campaign, Starbucks Cup Magic and the upcoming National Geographic Flying Monsters 3D campaign that we’re launching. Those campaigns really help drive traffic to our website and blog. So everyone… I’m really looking forward to more fantastic mobile AR campaigns… If you spot one… or created one… sent them over to


Augmented Reality X-Ray vision

November 15, 2011

Since the dawn of the X-ray, teenage boys have dreamed of glasses that would see through clothing. Now, they have an app: MoosejawXRAY

Outerwear retailer Moosejaw has released an augmented reality app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets users see through the clothing featured in its winter catalog. Male and female models are shown stripped down to their under-layers when the app is positioned over catalog pages, as shown in the video above.

Of the many augmented reality apps we’ve seen to date, this is arguably the most inventive. It’s an effective way to bolster buzz and engagement with a relatively unknown catalog, but we wonder if it rather, ah, distracts from the clothes themselves.

[via Creativity Online & Mashables’ Lauren Indvik]


Using QR codes for mobile augmented reality?

November 11, 2011

What do you think about QR codes people always ask me… expecting me to say that I think their a bad ugly mobile marketing tool. Wel… actually I don’t think they are bad, I actually like to use them for our concepts. Maybe not in the way that you would expect but that is because there are not yet many great examples of good creative use of QR codes. When I say this I’m not referring to nicely photoshopped QR codes but actual creative use…

I just came across this QR code campaign that was developed by (or for) J.C. Penny. And I must say that I like the creative and commercial angle that they are using…

Ok now some of you might wonder why I post this… and think that has nothing to do with mobile augmented reality but I have to disagree on that point.
For me… Mobile augmented reality in a broader sense is about concepts where digital and real world interact with each other. But my philosophy about that will be in our upcoming marketing book.