Using QR codes for mobile augmented reality?

November 11, 2011

What do you think about QR codes people always ask me… expecting me to say that I think their a bad ugly mobile marketing tool. Wel… actually I don’t think they are bad, I actually like to use them for our concepts. Maybe not in the way that you would expect but that is because there are not yet many great examples of good creative use of QR codes. When I say this I’m not referring to nicely photoshopped QR codes but actual creative use…

I just came across this QR code campaign that was developed by (or for) J.C. Penny. And I must say that I like the creative and commercial angle that they are using…

Ok now some of you might wonder why I post this… and think that has nothing to do with mobile augmented reality but I have to disagree on that point.
For me… Mobile augmented reality in a broader sense is about concepts where digital and real world interact with each other. But my philosophy about that will be in our upcoming marketing book.


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