Augmented Reality X-Ray vision

November 15, 2011

Since the dawn of the X-ray, teenage boys have dreamed of glasses that would see through clothing. Now, they have an app: MoosejawXRAY

Outerwear retailer Moosejaw has released an augmented reality app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets users see through the clothing featured in its winter catalog. Male and female models are shown stripped down to their under-layers when the app is positioned over catalog pages, as shown in the video above.

Of the many augmented reality apps we’ve seen to date, this is arguably the most inventive. It’s an effective way to bolster buzz and engagement with a relatively unknown catalog, but we wonder if it rather, ah, distracts from the clothes themselves.

[via Creativity Online & Mashables’ Lauren Indvik]



  1. Who developed the app for that? It’s a tracking package that they are licensing?

  2. Ha Rayan, I’m not sure who developed it but I do like the concept. It looks like something that you can do with Junaio or Aurasma.

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