International Brands lining up for Mobile Augmented Reality

November 16, 2011

This is so cool… more International brands are lining up to get their own mobile augmented reality experience out there! Starbucks just launched their Cup Magic Christmas app which augments a holiday season collection game for iPhone. And of course I don’t have a US account on my iTunes… So you all have no idea how much I want to jump on a plane to the US to see this work for real.

The good thing is that brands and advertising agencies are finding their way to TAB Worldmedia for inquiries to get their own mobile augmented reality experience and high profile projects like the Volkswagen Beetle Juiced campaign, Starbucks Cup Magic and the upcoming National Geographic Flying Monsters 3D campaign that we’re launching. Those campaigns really help drive traffic to our website and blog. So everyone… I’m really looking forward to more fantastic mobile AR campaigns… If you spot one… or created one… sent them over to remco@tabworldmedia.com


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