Aurasma lights up Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ with augmented reality.

December 24, 2011

As I am running around getting all my last minute Christmas-shopping done I just had to post this fantastic initiative by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf to our blog.

As you might remember we used Aurasma to create an augmented reality experience for the Dutch Effie awards 2011 where we augmented 43 of the best Dutch marketing cases right here in Amsterdam on the Rembrandplein. Now one of the largest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has shown great initiative by using mobile augmented reality on the Aurasma platform to enhance almost an entire newspaper.

Not just the front page but also editorial content and more throughout the newspaper just became interactive in this Christmas special. I know the guys at Aurasma are extatic about this and so are we! I will do a full report and video presentation for you all who are outside of the Netherlands after the holidays but for now enjoy these screenshots. And for you all who are in the Netherlands… go and get your Telegraaf because this is really the first sign of a fantastic new development…

If you want to know more: read my Dutch trend prediction about bridging the gap between print and mobile here.

Note: sorry for the crappy screenshots but my new Samsung Galaxy Nexus takes really bad screenshots… 


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