Junaio goes outdoors with super accurate augmented reality.

February 4, 2012

Click on the image to view the video.

We always get a lot of requests from engineering companies, real estate agents etc. to realistically augment buildings, apartments offices etc. Of course this is possible but not yet with the current publicly available techniques. So it would always be a high tech, high prized demo model. BUT NOW Junaio is showing us that super accurate 3D feature tracking for public use is on the way. Of course we’ve already seen the progression of this techniques from the Junaio lab a few years back, to the Augmented City demo last year. But now they can project this onto real buildings and other large scale 3D environments.

Needles to say that this again is a super strong breakthrough for the public lightweight augmented reality features that truly helps to transform Augmented Reality to Augmented Media. I’m going to make sure that TAB Worldmedia is going to be one of the first  creation agencies for augmented content that will produce a mobile tool for you to use.


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