New mobile augmented reality education program for marketing brands.

February 13, 2012

The Augmented Media Experience
The Augmented Media Experience

Exactly one year ago in February and March of 2011 mobile augmented reality agency TAB Worldmedia continued its consumer research in their own Augmented Media Experience center. (See article 1 here and article 2 here) The center was situated in a progressive mainstream shopping center owned by Unibail Rodamco, Europe’s leading listed commercial property company specialized in shopping centers in European capital cities.

The Augmented Media Experience is a unique temporary pop-up store concept that first opened its doors in 2011 in Citymall Almere. Shoppers/Consumers and Marketing organizations were welcome to experience and learn about this new form of media using augmented reality. Seven days a week in a time frame of almost 2 Months, TAB Worldmedia researched the impact of augmented media and consumer response to this powerful new media phenomenon. During this time Major brands like IKEA, Philips, GSK, Accenture, Centraal Beheer Achmea and many retail organizations visited the Experience Center for a workshop. The TAB Worldmedia team conducted qualitative research 7 days a week for a period of 6 weeks during retail opening hours and also collaborated with Phlips to do targeted consumer research.

Below you will see a unique registration of The Augmented Media Experience Center that has not been published before.

During the rest of 2011 TAB Worldmedia used the results and insights that were drawn from this unique experience to benefit their production for clients like National Geographic, The Effie Awards, Heineken Music Hall and many others. The second half of 2011 the Augmented Media Experience was taken on roadshow, in a much smaller form, to help International and National brands to get up to speed with mobile augmented reality and augmented media in general. During a full week in May, TAB Worldmedia visited the National Geographic offices in Washington DC and several other companies in New York who were interested in learning all about Mobile Augmented Reality and Augmented Media. At this point TAB Worldmedia has expanded to developing strategic mobile B2B marketing tools using augmented reality to benefit business processes and improve effectiveness of sales forces.

New mobile augmented reality education program for marketing brands.

Currently TAB Worldmedia is working on an education program with the purpose of helping marketing, communication and media companies to get up to speed with mobile augmented reality as a high impact and effective mobile marketing tool. The education program will be available as an exclusive training on senior marketing level and as a practical usage guide showing successful marketing mechanisms for mobile augmented reality.

For more information please contact TAB Worldmedia via  info@TABworldmedia.com


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