Augmented Reality for real estate brings back the maquette new-school style.

February 20, 2012

Ever since we started out in creating mobile concepts using mobile augmented reality real estate agencies have been asking us to augment buildings into landscapes to give future buyers the opportunity to fantasize about their investment. Visualizing massive buildings into 3 dimensional landscapes is  a pretty harsh task for the current state of techniques and smartphones. But, things will soon change since the software is getting better and quad core processor smartphones are ramping up for market launch over the coming year.

However, the current state is that everyone with a common smartphone like an iPhone or Android can use augmented reality to visualize their future home in the form of lets call it an “augmented maquette”. We’ve been showing this demonstration model that we made at Metaio’s Inside AR event and to many real estate agents in the time after that with the purpose to further develop the product and I find that we’re almost ready to transform it into a module that can be easily integrated in existing mobile apps of real estate agents.

Have a look at the video of the demonstration model that we made and share your thoughts with us.

TAB Worldmedia


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