Mobile World Congress 2012: Redefining mobile with Augmented Reality

February 21, 2012

With just one week to go to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona we at TAB Worldmedia have already drawn up our schedules for Monday, planned a “secret” meeting on Tuesday and are still contemplating if we have time to add just a extra day on Wednesday. 

Last year we were approached by GSMA, the company behind the Mobile World Congress, to participate in a creative pitch for the sponsor contract of the MWC 2012 augmented marketing campaign. The campaign theme “Redefining Mobile” immediately caught our attention and put our creative brains to work. The concept that we came up with was to inspire people about what redefining mobile, and especially mobile browsing, could have installed in near future.

We presented a strategic approach to use a mobile website that would launch two types of augmented browsing experiences. However… as we all know at this point augmented reality is not yet integrated in mobile browsers so we asked junaio to team up with us and use their advanced platform to jumpstart the augmented reality experiences from the mobile website, like you would use Flash for interacting with a rich media website.

1. For the first experience we created a multi interactive 360 degree world that allows you to stroll around and explore what the MWC 2012 conference by looking through your smartphone as if it was a virtual lens.

When you open the 360 browser you will find yourself at the entrence right outside the Mobile World Conference area. When looking around you can see the different pavilions and zones that you can attend. For example: App Planet, mPowered Brands, the exhibition area or the Conference hall. When entering the conference hall you will find the speakers on stage and we’ve used our Tweeps Around service to project live Twitter messages from all over the World that use the #MWC2012 and #MWC12 in their messages.

2. For the second experience we’ve collaborated with junaio and their fantastic team to create a fully animated and interactive augmented 3D model of the campaign visual. When visitors point the viewer of their junaio app at the print advertisement that was featured in TIME Magazine or at the conference brochure they will experience the 3D EYE come to life and they can navigate by clicking on the augmented buttons that will appear.

I’ve posted the demo video of the augmented print experience below so you can see it if you don’t have your phone and the print ad ready.

Exclusive Demo Video

Instructions to launch ether or both experiences can be found on the MWC campaign website or on the Mobile MWC campaign website. (m.mobileworldcongress.com)

As a last word I would like to thank junaio for collaborating with us to create this fantastic augmented experience. With couldn’t have done it without your help. We also like to thank the GSMA team for believing in our concept and especially ^MH for the fantastic job in co-creating this unique experience with us.
MWC 2012 AR Experience provided by Junaio and Tab Worldmedia.
Read all about the companies and the Mobile World Congress here.
About: TAB Worldmedia
Full Service Mobile Augmented Reality Agency TAB Worldmedia helps premium brands realize their mobile augmented reality strategy on the highest innovative level. As a fully independent and private agency we create and produce interactive augmented reality content to all public AR enabled mobile browsers and apps. www.tabworldmedia.com.
About: Junaio
junaio® is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser, a mobile companion and instant source of information about places, events or bargains. What’s on at the movies, where is the nearest cash dispenser, taxi stand or subway station? The best steak in town, or the hottest show? Finding your way inside exhibitions, getting added information on products, ads or news articles. This and more at your finger tips with junaio®, your mobile companion.www.junaio.com.
About: Mobile World Congress 2012
Year over year, the GSMA Mobile World Congress attracts the largest number and highest-quality attendees of any event in the mobile industry. And true to our name, this is truly a global event: attendees came from 200 countries from around the world.

Mobile World Congress 2011 was by all accounts a record-breaking year:

  • Highest-ever total attendance:  more than 60,000
  • Largest-ever senior-level audience: more than 58%
  • Highest-ever number of CEOs in attendance: more than 3,000
  • Largest-ever number of exhibitors:  1,400
  • Largest-ever number of press: 2,900+ press members representing 1,500 media outlets
  • Largest-ever gathering of Mobile App Developers: more than 12,000

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