TAB Worldmedia wows Dutch celebrity with Aurasma augmented reality cases.

March 22, 2012

Dutch celebrity Froukje de Both came by our office because she is making an educational program on how to go digital. This weeks episode was about Mobile web and apps and she asked us if we wanted to explain it to her audience on camera. For those of you who don’t speak Dutch I will explain briefly what you can see in the filmclip below.

Froukje de Both explains that nowadays you can do anything with apps. Book a restaurant, shopping etc. but now there is something new that is game changing… augmented reality. Then she walks up to me and I explain to her that by using augmented reality you could for example just point the camera of your phone at a house that is for sale and you can identify that house, see what it costs, see what it looks like on the inside etc. (example on Layar) Then she asks how augmented reality can help her and her website etc. Then I causally suggests that she can come with me to the office to view an example that we’ve prepared for her… (please don’t judge me by my acting skills). At the TAB Worldmedia office I show Froukje an example of how we can magically make a billboard interactive with augmented reality (examples on Aurasma).

After our explanation of mobile augmented reality the program continues with visits to SAMSUNG Netherlands and ICE Mobile. If you speak Dutch please view these interviews as they are very interesting.

All of this was created and produced for Argeweb


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