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An agency approach: From augmented reality to augmented media.

April 27, 2012

This week we hosted a special interest evening for agencies, publishers, marketeers and developers who are interested in getting into creating augmented reality apps and concepts.

Especially for this event we created a presentation that is a bit different from the presentations that we normally give during our keynote speeches and workshops. Below you will find the short version of the presentation deck that we used and we hope that it is helpful for those of you who are interested in creating augmented reality or as we like to call it “augmented media” experiences.

Please understand that we can not share actual figurs in the case results but we’ve tried to formulate relevant conclusions for you.

We want to give a special thanks to our friends and clients who support us in our journey to turn technique into media and marketing tools. Hence the title: “From augmented reality to augmented media”.

Enjoy and feel free to share your comments and remarks with us.


Magazine VT Wonen shows how Layar augmented reality can trigger mobile commerce.

April 17, 2012

ImageA great new initiative by our parters from Layar to set the standar for magazine augmented reality in the Dutch market. We are really exited that Layar as a Dutch innovation company has taken it upon it self to boost the demand for mobile augmented reality concepts with publishers and advertisers. After a great experiment with another Sanoma magazine LINDA now VT Wonen takes its first steps to explore how mobile augmented reality can trigger mobile commerce. The magazines allows its readers to instantaneously buy its products just by simply holding up their phone over the inspirational page, as the magazines’ editor is calling it.

At TAB Worldmedia we think it is great that Layar is really giving it their all to stir things up and create more demand for mobile augmented reality enabled media concepts and advertising. We are already on the bandwagon for creating more interactive sales driven concepts on top of their basic commerce features that the publisher in the video is showing us.


Googles Project Glass: Mass market augmented reality glasses.

April 4, 2012

Although with our blog we aim for sharing interesting stuff regarding mobile augmented reality. I try not to write too much about really futuristic stuff but things that are in our immediate reach. Augmented Reality glasses is one of those subjects that I find hard to write about because… well what I’ve seen so far looks kind of ridiculous on your face and the technology just isn’t there yet to make it functionally appealing to “normal people”.

However, I am truly exited about the fact that Google officially announced that they are actually producing their own AR glasses this year. Still reluctant about the rumors and speculations I tried not to jump on this too much. However this week we’ve seen some pretty exiting stuff passing over the internet that show what they are actually working on and now I just can’t help myself in believing we are actually really close in getting good looking, immersive AR glasses very soon.

Important note: Some blogs currently state that Google has began rolling out prototypes of these glasses to employees but that is simply NOT TRUE. These are exactly the rumors that we don’t want to jump on. the pictures that you see on the web are merely designs of what it could look like. If you want to read the original post from Google about this you can find it here.

Check out this video that their team posted:

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