Layar introduces a powerful easy online tool for creating augmented print magazines.

June 5, 2012

Today Layar launched the Layar Creator, a self-service web application for activating print pages with digital content. By simplifying and demystifying previously complex AR technology, the Layar Creator makes it quick and easy to bring once static pages to life with videos, links and “Buy” buttons that readers can view with their smartphone.

In a matter of seconds, anyone can upload images or PDFs, drag-and-drop any of a number of digital buttons onto the pages and publish them on the Layar platform. When readers view activated pages with the Layar app, these buttons appear on top of the page.

And here it is: Layar Creator places the power of interactive print at everyone’s fingertips (official press release)

The video below explains it all:

And that it’s really easy proves that I created an augmented item on top of our title bar in just a few minutes.

Check it out by launching layar and aim it at the title bar on top of this page.

Wow that was easy! So… is this the end of Layar creation agencies??????

No it is not… 😉 This is just the 1st step to maturity of mobile augmented reality. This creation tool will help publishers to create the 1st level of editorial augmented layer on their magazines. We expect that this will create a demand for real creative and hyper interactive concepts on top of this service. Just imagine agencies like TAB Worldmedia using their years of experience as Layar augmented creation agency to create environments for gaming concepts, interactive real time connections with other services like the weather, integrating location based augmented reality and so on.

Due to the pre-launch of the layar creation tool at TAB Worldmedia we have seen an increase in requests from publishers to work with them to find the right balance between editorial augmented content, commercial augmented contend and content that has high entertainment value. And create fantastic augmented concepts for the brands that advertise in their magazines!

So Raimo, Claire, Maarten and the rest of the Layar team… congratulations and thanks for this great product that will help our mission to transform Augmented Reality to Augmented Media.



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  2. Thanks!!! Hope it will drive business your way..

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