TAB Worldmedia launches new generation marketing and promotion apps with augmented reality.

July 14, 2012

Amsterdam based agency TAB Worldmedia, known for their mobile augmented reality productions for Walt Disney, National Geographic, Canon and family park Efteling, launches a new generation of mobile apps aimed at the marketing and communication industry. These new generation apps, standard with integrated augmented reality technique, make them very natural to integrate as part of sales promotions, loyalty programmes and social media in combination with print campaigns.

TAB Worldmedia aims their business model at advertisers, ad agencies and media agencies that want to use mobile apps as part of their marketing and sales promotions. Remco Vroom, co-founder and mobile director of TAB Worldmedia: “the mobile marketing industry is developing at an enormous pace and consumers are often far advanced in their knowledge and usage of apps. We offer our clients the possibility to execute their mobile strategy at the highest innovative and commercial level.”


As an example TAB Worldmedia uses that a brand can use these new generation apps to create one overall promotional app that carries a variety of sales promotion mechanism that are stored in the background. Because parts of the app can be triggered online through a web connection, the app can easily be refreshed. This way one time a customer can scan advertisements to win “freemiums” and the next time he can be rewarded for giving a product review or virtual check in at a store.

Apps with augmented reality

The basis of these “new generation sales promotion apps” that TAB Worldmedia offers is a technological framework that can be flexibly reshaped to the customers needs. Vroom: “it took us 2 years to build this high quality product and it will need to grow even more over the next few years.” Standard they use augmented reality technology to manage the different promotional mechanisms. TAB Worldmedia uses technology of high-tech companies like Aurasma from the UK, Junaio from Germany and Layar from the Netherlands. They have been working closely together with these companies over the past years. Currently the first orders have been signed and TAB Worldmedia expects the first apps in the app stores after the Summer holidays.


Currently the basic version of the app for iPhone and Android together costs 7.500 euro which makes it a very attractive and profitable product for creative agencies. If that isn’t a good sales pitch.

Press link: http://pressdoc.com/p/000pev


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