TAB Worldmedia launched a Cannes Lions Audiotour app at AdFestival ’24 uur van de Reclame”.

November 15, 2012

Today Adfestival ‘24 Hours of Advertising‘ took place in Amsterdam. This is the second Year that TAB Worldmedia made a contribution to this Festival. In 2011 we produced a successful second screen web-app for viewing all nominated and awarded EFFIE Cases during the event. As an additional spectacle we organised an augmented reality poster exhibition in the middle of Rembrand Square in Amsterdam. (red. article)

This Year we created a special augmented tour for a Cannes Press Lions exhibition that was sponsored by Sanoma Media. The app lets visitors of the exhibition see the award winning press campaigns through the eyes of one of Netherlands most awarded senior creative directors and also chairman of the ADCN Awards, Lode Schaeffer.

Of course the app can still be downloaded and we created the app so that you can also view the award winning Cannes Press Lions cases in HD on iPad, iPod, iPhone and all Android devices. We created a special tablet edition so you are able to view the press campaign full screen.

Screenshot of the iPad version.

View the press release here (Dutch)

Download the Free APP here. < Mobile link to the English and Dutch version of the app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

24 Audiotour app

Free Earbuds thanks to Transavia

Sanoma Media setting up the exhibition

Clear overview of the exhibition


Nice crowd: Admen & Advertisers

Taking a picture with the lovely catering hostesses


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