Meeting Remco Vroom, TABWORLD

May 6, 2015

People with a vision

Another rapidly rising trend I learnt more about at Cannes is Augmented Reality, or AR as techies often calls it.

For example, at the Lions, they had a second-screen app that added an AR tour to the Cannes Lions Press Exhibition. By scanning the ads on display, visitors could augment the ads and hear what the creative directors had to say about their work. Cool and functional.

I decided to contact the guys behind this app and that’s how I met Remco from TABWORLD.

Now I’m catching up with him again to discuss the growing impact AR on our lives – I’m in Dubai and Remco is back in Amsterdam so we connect via Skype.

Around the World in 80 Brands - meeting Remco Vroom, TABWorld Around the World in 80 Brands – meeting Remco Vroom, TABWorld

I ask Remco how he sees AR transforming our daily lives over the coming years.

“We live in a technology driven world where our…

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