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Volkswagen Beetle “Launched” by a fantastic augmented reality billboard campaign.

October 23, 2011

The Canadian office of Red Urban came up with this fantastic mobile augmented reality concept. Have a look at what they’ve done with their campaign for Volkswagen using AR to enhance the experience… So… from us at TAB Worldmedia Congratulations… KUDO”S & +10

Ok… the video’s below are not much fun to look at BUT they do allow you to experience this great app from behind your Macbooks.

Do go on… download the app from the appstore and enjoy!





Dutch EFFIE Awards 2011 goes mobile.

October 12, 2011

TAB Worldmedia sponsored the Dutch EFFIE Awards 2011 this year with a mobile web app and mobile augmented reality experience using AURASMA. The event is taking place on October 12th, that is today, in Amsterdam. Everyone who’s interested can already swipe through the 43 cases build by the best Dutch brands that are nominated for the EFFIE Awards. For those who are at the event we enabled 43 outdoor posters with an augmented reality experience using AURASMA’s technology.

Have a look to see what we’ve cooked up… surf with your Android or iPhone to

For now… I’m off to the Award ceremony… I’ll keep you posted via Twitter: @TABworldmedia and @remcovrOOm

UPDATE  H23:43

Hey… I’m back from the Award ceremony and it was fantastic! We received a lot of compliments from the guests about the web app. It was kind of hard for most to use the AR app because the 3G networks were very slow the whole day. There was some heavy weather with lots of clouds and rain which seemed to be interfering with the mobile network speed. That’s a shame but also a good learning point. During the time it was dry I took the opportunity to show off our AR production to a group of marketeers and advertising pro’s.














UPDATE  October 15th

So Cool! The Dutch magazine for Advertising pro’s Adformatie has promoted our AR feature in their mag.


Blippar actually works pretty good!

October 11, 2011

It’s time to have a look at BLIPPAR. We just didn’t have the chance to look into what the guys and girls of Blippar were cooking up but looking at this video they seem to be very up to speed with the market. The AR content projections and interactions that they are showing in this video are actually pretty good. Judging from this video Blippar offers the same functionalities as Junaio Glue, Aurasma and the upcoming Layar vision. Their 2.5D image tracking seems to work pretty smooth also.. .

Looking forward to hearing more from Blippar!


Vodafone’s first mobile Augmented Reality experience for VNZMA.

October 9, 2011

Great signal from Vodafone… they’ve launched an app using augmented reality. Judging from this video they’re using sound and image recognition to trigger AR content. I must admit that it’s not quite what I would have in mind for Vodafone but it is of course fantastic that they are using it at such a large campaign scale.

So 5 Stars for Vodafone!

Download the VNZMA 2011 app and bring your phone to life with some clever augmented reality. Plus see whos nominated for the awards, vote for the Vodafone People’s Choice Award and heaps more.

Check it out here


Lego’s new Augmented Reality game app Life of George

October 4, 2011

Ok ok… this might not be mobile augmented reality as you know it… But I’m sharing this concept with you anyway because I am convinced that the future of mobile augmented reality is all about the transformation “from search to discovery”.

Also I believe that the definition of mobile augmented reality will have a broader perspective in the future. At TAB Worldmedia we use the definition “Augmented Reality is there where the real World and digital World interact with each other”. In that perspective this app by Lego is very foreseeing.

We salute the Lego team once more… thank you for this great concept!


Aurasma shows us their next moves on stage at DEMO

September 18, 2011

Matt Mills and his lovely colleague Lauren (I hope I got that right) gave a fantastic presentation of Aurasma’s capabilities on stage at DEMO. At TAB Worldmedia we’ve been exploring and testing their publishing environment to see how it’s compatible to AR our publishing platform. We got very curious to see how far we can stretch the creative capabilities to fit our creative concepts.

Aurasma offers a fantastic range of standard capabilities for brands to easily start exploring the potential of the platform. For those of you who know us… we always aim to see how we can create more unique content experiences than the standard capabilities offer. After a couple of weeks  of concept programming, for a client of ours, we were very impressed with the backend of Aurasma and what is allows us to do creatively and commercially.

Check out this little test that we did in our local zoo Artis.


Augmented Reality Volkswagen Cabrio hits the showrooms

August 9, 2011

This movie clip was just published by Volkswagen France on Youtube and we think its magnificent!

Have a look at it and we’ll report more on this case as soon as we find out.


Lego Ninjago Augmented Reality holobox

August 6, 2011

Last week I was in a toy store with my son and he brought this fantastic Lego Ninjago augmented reality holobox to my attention. This is exactly the type of Augmented Media that we also had in our workshops at the Augmented Media Experience Centre in the beginning of this year. (ref: It is fantastic to find this kind of media now being used by Lego. Of course Lego is one of the pioneering brands that is actually using augmented media to drive sales and impulse buying in retail stores. They started out experimenting with this a few years back with our tech. partner Metaio. The fact that they are further incorporating AR in their point of sale strategy suggests that it must be successful.

Also view: Lego box by Metaio

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The Augmented Media Experience: “marketing insights for commercial use of Augmented Reality”.

January 16, 2011

February and March of this year, Citymall Almere in the Netherlands will be the center for augmented reality. We were fortunate to get the assignment to build an augmented reality channel for the Citymall as facility for all its retailers. We will launch the first version on public mobile AR browser Layar but we expect that Junaio and Wikitude will follow. Next to the mobile AR channel TAB Worldmedia will open the first (255m2) experience and consumer research center for augmented reality media in the World. The pop-up store formula will open its doors on February 10th and will be the center for all digital activity in Citymall Almere.

Experience centre

‘The Augmented Media Experience’ is a temporary store formula that will be open for a period of 2 months. Consumers and companies will be able to get acquainted with spectacular new digital interactive media. From augmented reality on Android- and iPhones on public augmented reality browsers like Layar, Junaio and Wikitude to special augmented reality apps like Wordlens.

To complete The Augmented Media Experience we will be looking beyond augmented reality on mobile devices. Visitors will be able to enjoy AR on kiosk, digital mirrors, interactive floors, holographic store windows and more!

Consumer research

During the opening period ‘The Augmented Media Experience’ will not only serve as entertainment and information area for visitors of the shopping mall but even more as a consumer research centre. The primary goal of TAB Worldmedia, the company that developed the mobile augmented reality application for Citymall Almere, is to generate deep consumer insights on how visitors interact and react to new augmented media. The question how these innovative media will contribute to commercial sales will be researched on a continuous basis. For augmented media participants also will have the unique opportunity to do tailor-made consumer research for their product or service. Read the rest of this entry ?


Google Goggles enters Advertising Image Recognition space

January 10, 2011

Just a few moments ago, Google announced the expected update for their image recognition playground app, called Goggles, for Android.

The new 1.3 version app now links existing print ads in major US newspapers and magazines back to August 2010 to not only their official campaign URL but also related web search results. This goes beyond the experiment announced back in November, when only a small range of print ads was Goggles-enabled and no web results were shown.

This is pretty significant as it shows how fast Google is able to move forward and claim a relatively new space where some highly specialized niche players were dominating the market. Services like Kooaba come to mind, which focuses on linking print media to online campaigns.

We are curious as always how this will evolve and if and when Google is going to extend this service internationally.

If you’re running Android go download Goggles from the Android Market and start experimenting.

A fair warning though if you love playing Sudoku, as this version of Goggles is a real spoiler of the game, see the video below and judge for yourself!