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Instagram + mobile augmented reality = urban artgallery

April 18, 2011

Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, choose a filter to transform the look and feel, send to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr – it’s all as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.

Now TAB Worldmedia turnes your street into an urban artgallery with Instagram on mobile augmented reality browsers Junaio & Layar. It’s cool, it’s free and it is lots of fun to play around with.

Johannes la Poutre & Remco Vroom, Augmented Reality content creators of TAB Worldmedia, were inspired by the Instagram photo sharing service. La Poutre: “We’ve produced several social sharing channels on public augmented reality browsers. The instagram service adds a new demension to picture sharing because the quality and perspective of the photo’s is very high.”

Vroom: “The Instagram AR channels are a true addition to our social media portfolio. We’ve succesfully introduced several social sharing services to augmented reality. Services like:

  • Twitter: Tweeps Around + 4 million users
  • Panoramio: Currently Worldwide top 3 position in layar
  • Moby Picture: With several co-branded services
  • Foursquare: Augmented Checkins & tip finder

As a next step we think adding an augmented reality view in the current iPhone app of Instagram could offer a unique experience for their users. With our AR player integration service we could easily do this for Instagram but that might be a bit premature at this stage.”

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TABlets are the breakthrough for augmented reality in Museums.

November 30, 2010

New interactive film, Who do you think you really are?, recreates the story of evolution{Blogpost by: Natural History Museum

The Museum’s new interactive film, Who do you think you really are? uses cutting edge technology to recreate the past and bring to life the story of evolution.

For the first time ever, you can bring a dinosaur and an early human to life before your eyes with the totally unique, state-of-the-art interactive film Who do you think you really are?, now on show in the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum.

Guided by Sir David Attenborough, Who do you think you really are? uses 3 independent screens, web cams and specially designed handheld devices that allow you to take part in a virtual journey back through your evolutionary past to where extinct creatures will appear to roam around you in the studio.

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Artist ‘Jan Rothuizen’ augments his art in a permanent exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

November 18, 2010

Today Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents an Augmented Art Exhibition by Jan Rothuizen. You might know Jan from his fantastic arworks or his famous TEDtalk in Rotterdam. Jan Rothuizen literally “walks through the World’s cities”, absorbing all of the information that the city is rubbing off on him. He describes and visualizes his walks in a unique way.

The Dutch artist who’s artworks must be amazingly inspirational to Augmented Reality fans have now been visualized in AR for the first time. We, TAB Worldmedia, were given the opportunity by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, to work closely with Jan over the past few weeks to make sure that his artistic approach of is projected to augmented reality perfectly.

Especially for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam he spend a night, all alone, in the museum. Everything that he experienced during that night and the days before and after, Jan has visualized in artpieces that we were fortunate enough to “translate” to augmented reality. Actually it wasn’t such a hard job because Jans’ work IS augmented reality. Only it was a jewel waiting to be published in Augmented Reality…

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Muppets use Social Augmented Reality

November 12, 2010

Just check this out…


Sander Veenhof & Mark Skwarek pioneer augmented reality art at MoMA NYC

October 9, 2010

Update from Sander Veenhof:

Mark Skwarek and me deciding today that we will add the AR exhibition to the permanent collection of the MoMA so it can be viewed for an unlimited amount of time.


Our good friend Sander Veenhof launched yet another augmented reality masterpiece together with Mark Skwarek. After months of preparation Sander hast teamed up with Mark to launch a ‘virtual’ augmented reality show on the 9th of October 2010 at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. But, they don’t know about it yet. The infiltration is part of the Conflux Psychogeoraphy festival.

The virtual exhibition will occupy the space inside the MoMA building using Augmented Reality technology. The show will not be visible to regular visitors of the MoMA, but those who are using a mobile phone application called”Layar Augmented Reality browser” on their iPhone or Android smartphones, will see numerous additional works on each of the floors.

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Augmented Reality takes you to M.AR.S

September 19, 2010

Our good friend Sander Veenhof does it again. This incredible multi talent proves that augmented reality has no creative boundaries. After working with Sander on the first augmented reality flashmob in Amsterdam and Brazil, the virtual pianist in the IJ-kantine, the Stedelijk Museum art collection in augmented reality and the city shapes project for the e-culture fair in Dortmund he never stops to amaze us! And believe me when I tell you that we seen and done some stuff with mobile augmented reality that is unheard of.

Some time ago we sat down together with Sander when he told us about this great new idea he was working on. Launching an animated rocket to M.AR.S in augmented reality with real sound and today this creative idea has become reality.

Sander… again… mucho respect and keep em coming!

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The Museum of Modern Art app puts information at visitors’ fingertips.

September 10, 2010

The next time you’re about to visit a museum, do yourself a favor and drop in on your favorite app store first. Although this article is not about augmented reality we believe that museum guides of this magnitude are a great development for the mobile industry. We are already working on indoor museum features right now so it’s just a matter of time before we will bring these concepts to your local museum. Just imagine transporting yourself to the atelier of Picasso or Mondriaan when looking at one of their sketches and paintings. We already did a great AR project with Stedelijk Museum ARTours. Have a look at the blogpost over here.

The Museum of Modern Art app puts information at visitors’ fingertips. The American Museum of Natural History app points the way to an attraction.

Most institutions have not yet created a mobile app, but as a group, museums are headed in that direction. In the last few months, free apps were released by the Museum of Modern Art and the American Museum of Natural History, in New York; the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (which also has an Android app).

I recently tested the newest museum apps for New York. While they take distinctly different approaches, they demonstrate the vast potential for technology to help people make the most of a museum visit.

They can also point to a restroom in a hurry.

The Museum of Natural History Explorer, which arrived in July, features a navigation system that, while flawed, helps users find exhibits and museum facilities more easily than with a printed map.

While visiting the museum with my wife and two children, for instance, we knew we couldn’t tackle the entire building in a few hours, so we opened the Tours section of the app and chose the Highlights Tour from among the four itineraries listed. (We could have also found specific exhibits in a nicely arranged directory.)

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Augmented Reality & Social Media videoclip

September 6, 2010

What can we say… just the coolest vid. ever!


Augmented Reality Designpark 3D

September 4, 2010

Spectacular – The Heist – 3d Artsit: Martin Sen

Spectacular – The Heist – 3d Artsit: Martin Sen

TAB Worldmedia will turn the worlds’ major parks into Layar eye-candy. And with a good reason… we will offer anyone who is interested in augmented reality a layer experience that they will remember. The Designer-park 3D layar will primarily be a portfolio layer for artists that want to showcase their models to the Layar development community.

But it doesn’t stop there because “regular visitors” can feast their eyes on – and play around with – the fantastic models that the artist have to offer.

So you think you can model?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your 3D modeling skills. Submit your work and we will place it in our “Designer Park 3D” layer, where anyone can see your work in the environment where it matters: Layar itself! People will be able to go outside and view your work in its “native” environment or bring the models to them if they’d rather stay
put. They can even “take” the models and position a copy at their front door to show their friends and colleagues.

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First impressions: The Stedelijk Museum art collection in augmented reality.

August 22, 2010

Yesterday we went over to the Lowlands festival to meet with Hein Wils from Stedelijk Museum and Sander Veenhof from SNDRV. Both were part of the team that created the Stedelijk Museum art collection in AR with us. FYI. this is NOT the official case presentation but merely an impression of what we experienced at the scene.

The Stedelijk Museum had a fantastic desk set up where people could go to and choose one of the 175+ Artworks from famous artists like Picasso, Warhol or Appel. (no not that one… I mean Karel Appel) And so we also did… It’s always nice to see your own augmented reality projects actually being used.

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