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Today Layar will announce its biggest launch yet!

June 5, 2012

An exiting day for the Layar team today as the company will announce, as they are calling it them selves, its biggest launch yet. Of course insiders to the company already know what’s coming but for the public and the print publishing industry this new product, service or brand is announced to be a business changer. As certified creation and development agency for Layar augmented reality concepts we will be following the media announcements closely.

Update: read our first review here!


An agency approach: From augmented reality to augmented media.

April 27, 2012

This week we hosted a special interest evening for agencies, publishers, marketeers and developers who are interested in getting into creating augmented reality apps and concepts.

Especially for this event we created a presentation that is a bit different from the presentations that we normally give during our keynote speeches and workshops. Below you will find the short version of the presentation deck that we used and we hope that it is helpful for those of you who are interested in creating augmented reality or as we like to call it “augmented media” experiences.

Please understand that we can not share actual figurs in the case results but we’ve tried to formulate relevant conclusions for you.

We want to give a special thanks to our friends and clients who support us in our journey to turn technique into media and marketing tools. Hence the title: “From augmented reality to augmented media”.

Enjoy and feel free to share your comments and remarks with us.


TAB Worldmedia wows Dutch celebrity with Aurasma augmented reality cases.

March 22, 2012

Dutch celebrity Froukje de Both came by our office because she is making an educational program on how to go digital. This weeks episode was about Mobile web and apps and she asked us if we wanted to explain it to her audience on camera. For those of you who don’t speak Dutch I will explain briefly what you can see in the filmclip below.

Froukje de Both explains that nowadays you can do anything with apps. Book a restaurant, shopping etc. but now there is something new that is game changing… augmented reality. Then she walks up to me and I explain to her that by using augmented reality you could for example just point the camera of your phone at a house that is for sale and you can identify that house, see what it costs, see what it looks like on the inside etc. (example on Layar) Then she asks how augmented reality can help her and her website etc. Then I causally suggests that she can come with me to the office to view an example that we’ve prepared for her… (please don’t judge me by my acting skills). At the TAB Worldmedia office I show Froukje an example of how we can magically make a billboard interactive with augmented reality (examples on Aurasma).

After our explanation of mobile augmented reality the program continues with visits to SAMSUNG Netherlands and ICE Mobile. If you speak Dutch please view these interviews as they are very interesting.

All of this was created and produced for Argeweb


Augmented Reality for real estate brings back the maquette new-school style.

February 20, 2012

Ever since we started out in creating mobile concepts using mobile augmented reality real estate agencies have been asking us to augment buildings into landscapes to give future buyers the opportunity to fantasize about their investment. Visualizing massive buildings into 3 dimensional landscapes is  a pretty harsh task for the current state of techniques and smartphones. But, things will soon change since the software is getting better and quad core processor smartphones are ramping up for market launch over the coming year.

However, the current state is that everyone with a common smartphone like an iPhone or Android can use augmented reality to visualize their future home in the form of lets call it an “augmented maquette”. We’ve been showing this demonstration model that we made at Metaio’s Inside AR event and to many real estate agents in the time after that with the purpose to further develop the product and I find that we’re almost ready to transform it into a module that can be easily integrated in existing mobile apps of real estate agents.

Have a look at the video of the demonstration model that we made and share your thoughts with us.

TAB Worldmedia


New mobile augmented reality education program for marketing brands.

February 13, 2012

The Augmented Media Experience
The Augmented Media Experience

Exactly one year ago in February and March of 2011 mobile augmented reality agency TAB Worldmedia continued its consumer research in their own Augmented Media Experience center. (See article 1 here and article 2 here) The center was situated in a progressive mainstream shopping center owned by Unibail Rodamco, Europe’s leading listed commercial property company specialized in shopping centers in European capital cities.

The Augmented Media Experience is a unique temporary pop-up store concept that first opened its doors in 2011 in Citymall Almere. Shoppers/Consumers and Marketing organizations were welcome to experience and learn about this new form of media using augmented reality. Seven days a week in a time frame of almost 2 Months, TAB Worldmedia researched the impact of augmented media and consumer response to this powerful new media phenomenon. During this time Major brands like IKEA, Philips, GSK, Accenture, Centraal Beheer Achmea and many retail organizations visited the Experience Center for a workshop. The TAB Worldmedia team conducted qualitative research 7 days a week for a period of 6 weeks during retail opening hours and also collaborated with Phlips to do targeted consumer research.

Below you will see a unique registration of The Augmented Media Experience Center that has not been published before.

During the rest of 2011 TAB Worldmedia used the results and insights that were drawn from this unique experience to benefit their production for clients like National Geographic, The Effie Awards, Heineken Music Hall and many others. The second half of 2011 the Augmented Media Experience was taken on roadshow, in a much smaller form, to help International and National brands to get up to speed with mobile augmented reality and augmented media in general. During a full week in May, TAB Worldmedia visited the National Geographic offices in Washington DC and several other companies in New York who were interested in learning all about Mobile Augmented Reality and Augmented Media. At this point TAB Worldmedia has expanded to developing strategic mobile B2B marketing tools using augmented reality to benefit business processes and improve effectiveness of sales forces.

New mobile augmented reality education program for marketing brands.

Currently TAB Worldmedia is working on an education program with the purpose of helping marketing, communication and media companies to get up to speed with mobile augmented reality as a high impact and effective mobile marketing tool. The education program will be available as an exclusive training on senior marketing level and as a practical usage guide showing successful marketing mechanisms for mobile augmented reality.

For more information please contact TAB Worldmedia via


Aurasma lights up Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ with augmented reality.

December 24, 2011

As I am running around getting all my last minute Christmas-shopping done I just had to post this fantastic initiative by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf to our blog.

As you might remember we used Aurasma to create an augmented reality experience for the Dutch Effie awards 2011 where we augmented 43 of the best Dutch marketing cases right here in Amsterdam on the Rembrandplein. Now one of the largest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf has shown great initiative by using mobile augmented reality on the Aurasma platform to enhance almost an entire newspaper.

Not just the front page but also editorial content and more throughout the newspaper just became interactive in this Christmas special. I know the guys at Aurasma are extatic about this and so are we! I will do a full report and video presentation for you all who are outside of the Netherlands after the holidays but for now enjoy these screenshots. And for you all who are in the Netherlands… go and get your Telegraaf because this is really the first sign of a fantastic new development…

If you want to know more: read my Dutch trend prediction about bridging the gap between print and mobile here.

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Is Google Goggles ready for augmented reality?

December 7, 2011

Working in mobile augmented reality you just have to keep Google under your microscope. Since 2009 I’ve been reviewing and checking Google Goggles (ref. my review in Androidworld) thoroughly. Google has a mission to be the fastest search engine on the planet and they are using all sensors of the mobile device, semantic web, cloud computing etc. Google Goggles is one of those products that they are working on that is going to be hugely important to content presentation models like augmented reality. Yes you’ve read it right… I just called augmented reality a presentation model… we use location, vision, sound, external sensors, databases etc. to get to relevant information as quickly as we can and present it in augmented reality view.

But… I’m wondering off…. Why I was writing this piece is that Google Goggle has just launched a permanent scan feature… this is so cool because they didn’t have this before.. You had to take a picture of the object that you wanted to recognize but now you can just scan the world to see if they recognize anything in their databases.

Now coming back to my previous point… now when you are using this scanner to get information then Google will presents the information as promised. But now imagine that when you use the scanner and it becomes an option to augment the search content on-top  of the scanned object… That is what I meant with “augmented reality is a presentation model.” My prognosis is that in the near future Google will integrate augmented reality as a content presentation form for adwords. At TAB Worldmedia we believe we have to be ready to service this form of content presentation… this will make mobile search so much more appealing!

Read the following announcement on one of Google’s blogs:

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Next phase for Face Recognition and AR

October 5, 2011

It is already over two years ago that The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) launched their concept of a social network application which was powered by face recognition. The idea: point your mobile device at a person and see all their social network connections floating around their face, as a kind of social network aura.

This concept movie triggered a lot of interest, both favorable and worried reactions (big brother…). Many people took it even literal and were expecting that such an app was around the corner and soon available for their Android or iPhone.

In reality the technology was not ready for this type of application yet, and TAT has been acquired by RIM since and works on mobile UI development instead. Read the rest of this entry ?


Aurasma shows us their next moves on stage at DEMO

September 18, 2011

Matt Mills and his lovely colleague Lauren (I hope I got that right) gave a fantastic presentation of Aurasma’s capabilities on stage at DEMO. At TAB Worldmedia we’ve been exploring and testing their publishing environment to see how it’s compatible to AR our publishing platform. We got very curious to see how far we can stretch the creative capabilities to fit our creative concepts.

Aurasma offers a fantastic range of standard capabilities for brands to easily start exploring the potential of the platform. For those of you who know us… we always aim to see how we can create more unique content experiences than the standard capabilities offer. After a couple of weeks  of concept programming, for a client of ours, we were very impressed with the backend of Aurasma and what is allows us to do creatively and commercially.

Check out this little test that we did in our local zoo Artis.


How to use mobile augmented reality on Layar

September 16, 2011

If you’re new to mobile augmented reality and you turn on your new AR app. for the first time you might be a little bit overwhelmed by all of the mind blowing possibilities and features. To help you find your way Layar produced this super clear HOW TO video for their AR browser app.

Check out the video and if you’re exited to give it a try… just take out your Android- or iPhone and go to the website. You will be guided to the app-store suitable for your phone.

Of course we’re very  proud that Layar chose to use our Instagram channel for this demonstration.