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Augmented City: Keiichi Matsuda’s 3D augmented reality vision

August 1, 2010

If you’ve seen one of our talks about mobile augmented reality it is no surprise to you that we are huge fans of Keiichi Matsuda’s work.  And if you are an augmented reality fan you’ve probably seen Keiichi Matsuda’s Domestic Robocop film too. (if not… see below.) Now he has taken his view on Augmented reality to the next, all-immersive level. Keiichi Matsuda recently presented his latest masterpiece, Augmented City, at London’s 3D Film Festival at the Barbican. Enjoy his new film Augmented City 3D and share your thoughts with us.

Now get your 3D glasses ready and enjoy!

Click here to see the 3D film: Augmented City

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