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Beyond Breakout -The world is like a giant game board. Why don’t all marketers want to play?

July 12, 2010

I want to share this increadible masterpiece that was written by futurist David Griner. It is a must read…

Imagine this. You’re on a cobblestone street. The sun is low and red between the high-rises, making you squint as you scan for clues. There, on a half-obscured flier on a wall, you see it: a picture of an anchor. You hold your phone in front of it. The gaunt and smirking ghost of an admiral appears on your screen. He gives you a subtle nod before pointing to an unlabeled door. You push it open. Inside is an elegant woman holding a serving tray. “Congratulations,” she says. “You’re the first to find the secret stash of the new Admiral añejo tequila. Have a glass, courtesy of the Admiral.”

Is this real life or a fantasy world? It’s a high-tech combination of both, and it’s a scenario that could happen today. Thanks to the rapid evolution of mobile technology, smartphones have transformed the real world into a giant game board, allowing users to interact and compete in ways that were science fiction a decade ago. Whether you’re fighting to be Foursquare mayor of your favorite coffee shop or searching posters for hidden QR codes to reveal hints about a new movie, it’s clear that businesses have more ways than ever to engage their fans and make day-to-day life more fun. For advertisers and the brands they market, the potential is virtually limitless, which makes it a given that most big brands can hardly wait to get in on the action, right?

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