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Video premier: Samsung Galaxy TAB field demo AW reader + TweepsAround on Layar

September 1, 2010

As you know we are ecstatic about the new ultimate Samsung Galaxy TAB that we wrote a piece about it a week ago. And now we got the worldpremier with this video of the Samsung Galaxy TAB in the wild! We managed to get our hands on the developers edition of the SG-TAB and it works fantastic. It’s like a huge Samsung Galaxy phone! Running Android 2.2 so we tested the TAB to see if our dreams would come through… and they did!

Ok… enough bla bla… have a look at the vid!

PS: We made this vid also for our friends at Android World, testing their amazingly cool Android Reader!

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Samsung Galaxy TAB the ultimate Augmented Reality tablet!

August 24, 2010

Ok SAMSUNG must really love TAB Worldmedia… They made this incredible tablet that makes the iPad look like a babies toy and they named it after us!!

The new SAMSUNG Galaxy TAB!!!!

A 7 inch screen that runs on Android 2.2 and is suitable for Augmented Reality!!!! So guys at Samsung if you read this blogpost… pleeeeease sent 2 over to TAB Worldmedia HQ and we’ll be showing it off at all the International conventions that we’ll be speaking at in September… Whooooohoooo!!!! Read the rest of this entry ?