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Sander Veenhof & Mark Skwarek pioneer augmented reality art at MoMA NYC

October 9, 2010

Update from Sander Veenhof:

Mark Skwarek and me deciding today that we will add the AR exhibition to the permanent collection of the MoMA so it can be viewed for an unlimited amount of time.


Our good friend Sander Veenhof launched yet another augmented reality masterpiece together with Mark Skwarek. After months of preparation Sander hast teamed up with Mark to launch a ‘virtual’ augmented reality show on the 9th of October 2010 at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. But, they don’t know about it yet. The infiltration is part of the Conflux Psychogeoraphy festival.

The virtual exhibition will occupy the space inside the MoMA building using Augmented Reality technology. The show will not be visible to regular visitors of the MoMA, but those who are using a mobile phone application called”Layar Augmented Reality browser” on their iPhone or Android smartphones, will see numerous additional works on each of the floors.

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Augmented Reality takes you to M.AR.S

September 19, 2010

Our good friend Sander Veenhof does it again. This incredible multi talent proves that augmented reality has no creative boundaries. After working with Sander on the first augmented reality flashmob in Amsterdam and Brazil, the virtual pianist in the IJ-kantine, the Stedelijk Museum art collection in augmented reality and the city shapes project for the e-culture fair in Dortmund he never stops to amaze us! And believe me when I tell you that we seen and done some stuff with mobile augmented reality that is unheard of.

Some time ago we sat down together with Sander when he told us about this great new idea he was working on. Launching an animated rocket to M.AR.S in augmented reality with real sound and today this creative idea has become reality.

Sander… again… mucho respect and keep em coming!

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Report: 3D Augmented Reality Flashmob (Dutch)

April 24, 2010

Beatles TABworldmedia ARflashmob Augmented RealityVandaag was het zover. Na weken van voorbereiden was de 3D Augmented Reality Flashmob een feit. Een groep van een kleine honderd mensen gewapend met Android- en iPhones verzamelden zich om 14.00 uur exact bij het Nationaal Monument op de Dam. Om klokslag 14.00 uur kregen de deelnemers aan de eerste 3D Augmented Reality Flashmob de laatste instructies van de organisatoren, Sander Veenhof en TAB Worldmedia. Er werd een grote poster met een QR code midden op het plein gelegd en mensen kregen flyers met de instructies uitgedeeld.

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