First impressions: The Stedelijk Museum art collection in augmented reality.

August 22, 2010

Yesterday we went over to the Lowlands festival to meet with Hein Wils from Stedelijk Museum and Sander Veenhof from SNDRV. Both were part of the team that created the Stedelijk Museum art collection in AR with us. FYI. this is NOT the official case presentation but merely an impression of what we experienced at the scene.

The Stedelijk Museum had a fantastic desk set up where people could go to and choose one of the 175+ Artworks from famous artists like Picasso, Warhol or Appel. (no not that one… I mean Karel Appel) And so we also did… It’s always nice to see your own augmented reality projects actually being used.

So we observed this girl at the booth to see what would happen..

The two girls from Stedelijk Museum that were in the booth explained everything very well. So they told her to select an artwork that she really liked and that she could scan the QR code with her android of iphone and place the artwork in augmented reality anywhere on Lowlands. “That is Awesome” was her first reaction… then they showed her what it would look like on their own iPhones and she was really flabbergasted… although she didn’t have an iPhone her self she ran, or shall I say danced over to her friends to tell them about it… 😉

Ok so now we had to see for our selves how it would work in live action… Exiting!!!

@jlapoutre went for it, selected an art piece and scanned the QR code on the card that was attached to it, placed the artwork near one of the stages and tagged it with a lable! (see pict.) To be honest it was not really easy to get a good 3G signal so the Layar browser had to work really hard to get going but the result is great! Have a look at some of the pictures that we can already share with you… Production company Captain video also filmed a great short documentary of the event so when that is ready we’ll share that and pictures of the augmented artworks in action with you!

Also have a look at this article in the New York Times

AR cards that you take with you

Some more pictures from Lowlands… we had a blast!!!!


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